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About  Alpha Education

Education is an integral part of today’s growing competitive world. Education helps one to enrich his/her life with a developing education sector we are no more dependent on only formal modes of education. And various educational institutions have come up as a bridge between learners and the educational organisations

While deciding about any organisation experience and the ability matters. wherein Alpha Education comes out to be as a trusted name with an experience of almost 20 years.

ALPHA EDUCATION Is also a pioneer name in the field of various Teacher’s eligibility entrance exam(TET) Like CTET, HTET, PTET, RTET.

Incidentally, It is India’s first and only institution to provide the online solution of the entrance test on the same day of the exam.

Presently, it also runs an NGO to educate expecting mothers about the importance of education & environment before & after the birth of the child


Mr Jaspreet Singh, Director

MBA(IIMSPR) MA Psychology

A highly motivated, responsible and dedicated man. An Alumnus of  S.G.T.B. Khalsa College, Delhi  University started his career as a teacher and won the hearts of not only students and their parents but also the management. In addition, he posts graduated in  Business Administration, and entered the business world with Motorola, RPG  but soon realised that he was meant to be a social entrepreneur and started an institute. It’s  been more than twenty years since he is excelling in his field. Meanwhile, being curious by nature and with an urge to learn and understand,  he took up various projects and studies related to child psychology under his educational society.

He studied  “effect of parent-child relationship on the study habits and academic achievement of students”. His work was published and distributed in various schools. To study the deeper aspect of the parent-child relationship, he kept on studying further. Finally, the study concluded that actual bonding and relationship formation is done during the crucial period from conception to birth. And found that the formative period for building character, intelligence, and emotional stability is in the womb itself.

His interest and experience helped him established ALPHA EDUCATION in the year 1999.



M.A, M.Ed, M .phill

Qualified  College of Education Lecturer.

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