Teaching a global career

B.Ed. eligibility testGone are the days when ladies took up teaching as an option to kill time. Changing your career in the mid, leaving a high profile job of a banker or a manager to take up teaching, just because there is no one to look after your kids is also a passé. Today in the global village opportunities are amass when it comes to being a teacher. There are lots of opportunities available in the field of teaching. Countries like US and UK always have requirement of qualified teachers. One can give tuitions to the students of these countries from the comforts of her home in India itself. If you wish to move abroad, you can be a full time teacher. In some countries you have to clear a qualifying test other than having a recognised B.Ed. degree from any UGC and NCTE approved university. Countries like Singapore and Malaysia or gulf countries like Dubai have CBSE affiliated schools. These schools are good pay masters. If a candidate is qualified (has a B.Ed. degree) and has command over her subject then she can get a six figure salary.

If you have a good command over English and find teaching to be an interesting career option, then you may pursue B.Ed. Today, we have seen many youngsters choosing teaching as a passion, not as a secondary option. There have been examples of couples, who are both teachers and they, plan to work in some foreign country. The schools provide free accommodation and education of kids. This way they are able to save most of their salaries. At the same time the kids are brought up in a better environment. So, if you thought B.Ed. is for only those ladies, who intend to take up a job in the neighboring school, think again. Teaching profession may prove to be game changer. You may earn more than an engineer does and that to by giving less numbers of hours to you job. This is the time of the year when B.Ed. admission begins. Some universities like GGSIP University and University of Delhi have B.Ed. eligibility test. There are very less number of B.Ed. colleges in delhi university. Those students who are unable to get admission in B.Ed. in DU look for options in Universities like MDU rohtak University or Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University, Jind. The university is about to begin its B.Ed admission process. Very soon the university is going to release b.ed application form. One needs to be a graduate with fifty percent marks to take admission in B.Ed. 2015. After the registration process the university releases the merit list of registered students. The merit is based on the marks scored in the qualifying exam. B.Ed. counseling is done based on that merit.

Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University Jind.

Haryana has got 13 state government universities. The latest addition to the list is Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University, Jind. This university was established in July 2014. CRS University, Jind formely known as Kurukshetra University Post Graduate Regional Centre started its functions as an extended department for Master’s courses in management and computer application.  Such was the growth of the institution that by year 2012 more than thirteen courses were running at Post graduate level.

163Vice Chancellor Maj. Gen. (Dr.) Ranjeet Singh is a versatile personality. The university boasts to have participated in many extracurricular activities. The vision of the VC seems to be an overall development of the students of the university. One may find the students of CSRU planting trees on world environment day and also you may see them participating enthusiastically in sports activities such as parasailing or other adventure sports like rifle shooting. The university has its own newly developed Advance Shooting Range Facility.

The VC of the university is known to have visited more than 100 schools of the neighboring villages. In many of then he has organized camps and workshops on varied topics. Providing an opportunity for improving their communication skills and other inter personal skills.

The admission process for all the courses of the university has begun. Along with master’s courses, this year the university is also offering Ph.D. and M.Phil in various departments. The B.Ed. admission has also begun. The course will run as per the new norms of NCTE. The counseling process for B.Ed. 2015 admission will also be conducted by this university. The whole process of B.Ed. 2015 counselling will be online. Soon the university will release the B.Ed 2015 notification. This year B.Ed 2015 entrance will not be based on entrance exam.

Educators of the changing future

IMG_5762vBecome a professional teacher and have a win win situation. You will be the part of success story along with being a reason for it. One thing that we cannot deny is the need of educated work force. So much has already been said about benefits of educated population. Developed nations are as such because of the strategies they formulate to educate their population. As per the census 2011 India had a literacy rate of approx 75% where as developed nations have it 100 or near 100%. After implementing RTE 2003 India has also seen lot of progress. Lot many teacher training colleges have been opened. New infrastructure has been created to facilitate primary education. Even the implementation of sixth pay commission has also helped in the progress. Today salary of a B.Ed. teacher is comparable to any other sector. It is seen that people from varied background are deciding to take up teaching profession. It is a common scenario that an engineer or a banker is seen doing B.Ed. and leaving the lucrative current job and become a teacher, especially females.

Most candidates think that after doing B.Ed. the only opportunity they have is to become a teacher in any school. Definitely that is one good option. Other than this there are many avenues which offer equally good options to B.Ed. qualified professionals. Today in the changing world education is provided not only in the classroom of brick and cement, but with the use of technology and internet the whole world is available. There are many institutions which offer online education. Then content development is another option. There are many start ups in education sector which have been even funded by venture capitalist. These start ups come up with innovative ideas of providing solutions to the educational needs of the society. Today many portals are available on net which help the parents and even teachers in assessment of the kids. These portals need educators who assist them in making the question papers and even checking them. These portals even provide test analysis, which again needs qualified professionals. Many a times they hire people who can work from home. Students who take admission in B.Ed. join such portals along with their studies.

If you are planning to join teaching profession, it would be a wise idea to  complete your B.Ed. for the candidates living in or around Delhi Rohtak University will be a good choice. The admission process for B.Ed. from MDU has started.

New norms for 2 year B.Ed. course

For the new session 2015 -17, The duration of teacher training courses has been increased by NCTE.  The new intake B.Ed from MDU 2015for B.Ed. and M.Ed, for the coming session will be of two academic years all over the country. As NCTE is a national body and it regulates the norms for teacher training courses all over India. Any university whether private or government has to follow the norms of NCTE. That means, if any university is offering a one year B.Ed. course for the new session ie. 2015 -16, It will not be a valid degree.

As per the new norms for B.Ed. the syllabus has been increased. It is expected that two subjects will be added to the core syllabus. Other than that few topics like – health and physical education; fine arts and performing arts (music, drama etc.) will also be added to curriculum.

The duration of teaching practice has also been increased. In the first year it is the same, but for second year the good amount of time will be spent on teaching practice. The marks distribution is expected to be as such that 25 percent of the weightage will be given to practical teaching. The teaching practice will take place at two levels first at upper primary that means for classes VI to VIII and then for secondary level- class IX and X or for senior secondary level.

The size of input unit has also been reduced. Now as per the new norms the intake for B.Ed. admission 2015 will be of smaller unit. The basic unit will be of 50 students. Till last year this was hundred. Any institution is allowed to have amx. Of  2 units. That means, in those B.Ed. colleges, which were already having two units of 100 students the capacity will be reduced to half. have more than 1 unit of intake for B.Ed. admission.

Taking the help of admission guidance agency may help the candidate to go thru the process smoothly.

Psycho Pedagogy

Teaching is a noble profession. Education in ancient Indian times was carried out in Gurukuls. The word Gurukul means the Guru or Teacher’s family. Students would go and live with the Guru and imbibed his knowledge. The delivery oimagesf knowledge too was not empirical. However since the relationship between the teacher and student was very different, teachers could pay individual attention to their students and change their delivery based on the ability of students. Modern education system has many techniques and aids to force a student to think analytically and come to a conclusion. The techniques expect that the students have equal knowledge, intellect and tendency to learn. However this may not be the norm in all classes. There may be students who are slower than other to grasp new ideas. How will the teacher deal with a class with students of mixed abilities? There can be other factors too like cultural factors that may impact the ability to learn, especially languages. To deal with these issues it is necessary for the teacher to understand the process of learning and the psychology of the children going through the process. The stream of science dealing with this aspect of learning and psychology is called Psychopedagogy.


Psychopedagogy is a combination of the science of Pedagogy or teaching and Psychology. This stream of science tries to analyze the process of learning using both the disciplines of teaching and psychology to find a conducive method that helps learning. This is all the more relevant when the person under study has behavioral disorders or is subject to cultural influences. Psychopedagogy is used to identify the development disorders due to psychological reasons and has devised methods to overcome the shortcomings of such children. If you are a teacher and you find that you aren’t able to deliver education because of the different learning capacities of your students or you have students with learning disorders you will feel the need to study this subject. This is one of the subjects covered in Bachelor of Education courses. If you want go through a B.Ed course in Delhi you can check out for a  B.Ed from MDU.

MDU rohtak B.Ed. admission

B.Ed. from MDU Maharashi Dayanand University is a state government run University of Haryana. It is a 4 decade old reputed University. MDU rohtak has been awarded A rank in NAAC accreditation. MDU rohtak has its B.Ed. colleges in many districts of Haryana. One can find B.Ed. colleges of MDU Rohtak in the cities around Delhi. The first choice of B.Ed. aspirant from Delhi is B.Ed. from MDU rohtak. In Delhi people call it Rohtak University. Most of the students from Delhi choose to do their B.Ed. from gurgaon colleges. The next choice becomes B.Ed. colleges of rohtak. Although the MD university has B.Ed. colleges all over Haryana till rohtak. The Haryana has been divided into 3 zones. From the bodering areas of delhi,till rohtak one will find the B.Ed. colleges affiliated to MDU. Rohtak onwards till Punjab you will see the colleges are affiliated with krukshetra University. Thus MDU becomes the obvious choice of B.ED. students from Delhi. Every year the admission in B.Ed. from MDU is done thru a counseling process. The counseling is common for all the three universities of Haryana. Ie there is a common registration and counseling for B.Ed. for all the seats of haryana. Maximum number of B.Ed. colleges are affiliated to MD University, rohtak. The registration process is open for few days only. Once the candidate registers with the University for B.Ed. admission then the counseling process for B.Ed. begins. The process takes around a month to complete the B.Ed. admission. after that the allotment of B.Ed. college the candidate is supposed to visit the alloted college and complete the admission process of B.Ed. There are B.Ed. admission consultants, who help you to complete the admission process for B.Ed. this way the students is saved from getting into the difficulties of admission process at the same time, the student is sure of getting the B.Ed. admission as these consultants (if good and reputed) by virtue of their experience and expertise are able to handle the things in better way and are able to secure admission in B.Ed. do ensure that the consultant you choose should be a reputed B.Ed. admission consultant and has good track record.also should have an educated background. This will help you from not geeting into troubles at later stage. Ensure that your B.ed. admission is secured through proper channel and in legal way.

There is no entrance test for admission in B.Ed. from MDU. So youneed to just score high in your qualifying exam. Although preference is given to students who have studied their qualifying exam from a university of Haryana. For general category students it is little difficult to secure a seat, for instance last year alone few thousand students were not able to get admission in B.Ed. even though they had high score in graduation and post graduation. Here the B.Ed. admission consultant helps you to increase the chances of admission. In the past it is also observedthat the students do not fill the form properly, and at the time of allotment come to know of their mistake. In such caes they have to forgo the seat and re register themselves for the left over seats and thus the are left out. So to ensure that you do not face such problems it is suggested that you make take the help of some B.Ed. admission institute in delhi or in gurgaon.