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B.Ed. CRSU Admission 2017 details and process

B.Ed. 2017 Admission CRSU, Jind CRSU Admission
B.Ed. 2017 CRSU Admission

B.Ed. 2017 CRSU Admission, for Delhi Students 

For B.Ed 2017  CRSU admission university is a state government university of Haryana. The university Specialises in Education Courses. All the education collage of Haryana whether taking up Bachelors (B.ed) courses or masters courses (M.Ed. ) are affiliated to Ch. Ranbir singh university. This university is located in Jind and thus it is popularly called Jind university as well. Delhi candidates prefer to take admission in CRSU

Status of B.Ed. CRSU Admission 2017  for Delhi candidates

Education department will begin the Central counseling for B.Ed admission CRSU 2017 in a short time now. The whole process of B.ed counseling is online. It is around a month long process. Students are expected to register with the university. The students make payment through online made or through bank challan.

After that the university declares a merit list. The university  allots colleges according to the students rank in the merit list. Then the student in given 2 to 3 days to complete the formalities for the final admission.

As CRSU is a state university B.ed colleges of CRSU cannot be outside Haryana. Thus, if you wish to take B.ed admission CRSU then your college for b.ed, Exam center & Teaching practical etc. everything will be in Haryana.

Students living in Delhi choose B.ed Colleges in Gurugram. As, these colleges are most suitable for them. The college are spread all over the district. There are scores of b.ed colleges in gurugram.

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Thus, If you decide to take B.Ed. admission CRSU in the 2017-2018 session then you can opt for this university. CRSU is a government university. Most of all there is no entrance test for admission.

You must take care to choose an  institute  which has long experience & good credibility, So that throughout the course, you are provided proper support.

This university is located in Jind and thus it is popularly called Jind university as well. If you decide to take B.Ed. admission CRSU in the 2017-2018 session then you can opt for this university. So student in given 2 to 3 days to complete the formalities for the final admission. After that the university declares a merit list. Past Last

Teaching a global career

B.Ed. eligibility testGone are the days when ladies took up teaching as an option to kill time. Changing your career in the mid, leaving a high profile job of a banker or a manager to take up teaching, just because there is no one to look after your kids is also a passé. Today in the global village opportunities are amass when it comes to being a teacher. There are lots of opportunities available in the field of teaching. Countries like US and UK always have requirement of qualified teachers. One can give tuitions to the students of these countries from the comforts of her home in India itself. If you wish to move abroad, you can be a full time teacher. In some countries you have to clear a qualifying test other than having a recognised B.Ed. degree from any UGC and NCTE approved university. Countries like Singapore and Malaysia or gulf countries like Dubai have CBSE affiliated schools. These schools are good pay masters. If a candidate is qualified (has a B.Ed. degree) and has command over her subject then she can get a six figure salary.

If you have a good command over English and find teaching to be an interesting career option, then you may pursue B.Ed. Today, we have seen many youngsters choosing teaching as a passion, not as a secondary option. There have been examples of couples, who are both teachers and they, plan to work in some foreign country. The schools provide free accommodation and education of kids. This way they are able to save most of their salaries. At the same time the kids are brought up in a better environment. So, if you thought B.Ed. is for only those ladies, who intend to take up a job in the neighboring school, think again. Teaching profession may prove to be game changer. You may earn more than an engineer does and that to by giving less numbers of hours to you job. This is the time of the year when B.Ed. admission begins. Some universities like GGSIP University and University of Delhi have B.Ed. eligibility test. There are very less number of B.Ed. colleges in delhi university. Those students who are unable to get admission in B.Ed. in DU look for options in Universities like MDU rohtak University or Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University, Jind. The university is about to begin its B.Ed admission process. Very soon the university is going to release b.ed application form. One needs to be a graduate with fifty percent marks to take admission in B.Ed. 2015. After the registration process the university releases the merit list of registered students. The merit is based on the marks scored in the qualifying exam. B.Ed. counseling is done based on that merit.

Role of NCTE in regulating B.Ed. and Education in India

Education has been on the top of the minds of the Indian Government like all governments. The National Council of admission in b.edTeachers Education was created in 1973 in response to a recommendation made by the Education Commission which was formed in 1964.

Although education was a state subject the central government seemed it fit to create a national guideline for setting a benchmark for the competency level of teachers in the states. In the year 1978 NCTE developed a “National Framework for Teacher Education Curriculum”. NCTE was not a statutory body so it could not enforce its regulations on the various courses conducted in the country starting from Kindergarten teachers to High School Teachers.

The National Policy on Education (NPE) set up in 1986 recommended the Programme of Action (POA) in 1992 to upgrade the National Council for Teacher Education, as an autonomous statutory body. This gave it powers to regulate institutions of teacher education and to provide guidance to them in the matter of curricula and methods. The, National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) Act was passed in the year 1993 and NCTE came into existence with effect from August 17, 1995. The NCTE has played a big role in implementing the targets and key policies of the Human Resources Ministry. Today as we see a paradigm shift in the way education is delivered using internet and tablet PCs it will be the sole responsibility of NCTE to make the necessary changes to prepare the future teachers to be armed to deal with the new methods and technologies of teaching.

The degree course leading to Bachelor in Education (B.Ed) also falls under the purview of NCTE. B.Ed duration is 2 years. If a school appoints teachers without a B. Ed degree the teacher can take a year off and complete the requirement of a B.Ed Degree and continue teaching. There are courses designed where in the teacher can continue a part time classroom course along with his / her job. The duration of such a course would be two years. If you are interested in taking advantage of the B. Ed course B.Ed admission 2015 is on and it would be the right time to join B.Ed in MDU. Admission in B.Ed. is not tough.

India’s Program to Uplift the Level of Education Needs Teachers with B.Ed.

India falls short in the field of education from the standards for a very long time. It is unbelievable that the standards haven’t been restored after so many years of independence. We are not top ranking nations when it comes to education or innovation in education. The British did set up a few Universities in India before quitting but the number of facilities served only the elite. A much larger infrastructure was needed in India to cover every one. B.Ed.  for teachers

Over the period of 30 years since independence there has been a huge change in the number of educational institutions that have come up to provide one of the basic necessities for humans after food, water and shelter. If we are short of the target it is not because of a lack of finance or infrastructure. It is mainly because of the shortage of trained teachers. Getting human resources as trained teachers is difficult and going to get even more difficult as the supply never seems to meet the demand.

People who do not opt for professional courses generally end up with a graduate degree in arts or sciences. These degrees intrinsically do not prepare them for a vocation. Since these persons have spent years digging deep into the subject of their choice they do qualify to teach students at a lower level than themselves, say in schools. Assuming that we give these persons a job to teach children, the main problem that comes in front of every one concerned is that these may know their subject very well, they may no be in a position or capability to impart knowledge to someone like school students. That is why the bodies who oversee the business of education in India have come up with a two year course in Education leading to a B.Ed Degree. One can go for doing a B.Ed. course in delhi. India will need millions of teachers trained in imparting education. In case you are an aspiring teacher you can get your B.Ed from MDU Rohtak. MDU B.Ed’s have a long way to go.

MDU rohtak B.Ed. admission

B.Ed. from MDU Maharashi Dayanand University is a state government run University of Haryana. It is a 4 decade old reputed University. MDU rohtak has been awarded A rank in NAAC accreditation. MDU rohtak has its B.Ed. colleges in many districts of Haryana. One can find B.Ed. colleges of MDU Rohtak in the cities around Delhi. The first choice of B.Ed. aspirant from Delhi is B.Ed. from MDU rohtak. In Delhi people call it Rohtak University. Most of the students from Delhi choose to do their B.Ed. from gurgaon colleges. The next choice becomes B.Ed. colleges of rohtak. Although the MD university has B.Ed. colleges all over Haryana till rohtak. The Haryana has been divided into 3 zones. From the bodering areas of delhi,till rohtak one will find the B.Ed. colleges affiliated to MDU. Rohtak onwards till Punjab you will see the colleges are affiliated with krukshetra University. Thus MDU becomes the obvious choice of B.ED. students from Delhi. Every year the admission in B.Ed. from MDU is done thru a counseling process. The counseling is common for all the three universities of Haryana. Ie there is a common registration and counseling for B.Ed. for all the seats of haryana. Maximum number of B.Ed. colleges are affiliated to MD University, rohtak. The registration process is open for few days only. Once the candidate registers with the University for B.Ed. admission then the counseling process for B.Ed. begins. The process takes around a month to complete the B.Ed. admission. after that the allotment of B.Ed. college the candidate is supposed to visit the alloted college and complete the admission process of B.Ed. There are B.Ed. admission consultants, who help you to complete the admission process for B.Ed. this way the students is saved from getting into the difficulties of admission process at the same time, the student is sure of getting the B.Ed. admission as these consultants (if good and reputed) by virtue of their experience and expertise are able to handle the things in better way and are able to secure admission in B.Ed. do ensure that the consultant you choose should be a reputed B.Ed. admission consultant and has good track record.also should have an educated background. This will help you from not geeting into troubles at later stage. Ensure that your B.ed. admission is secured through proper channel and in legal way.

There is no entrance test for admission in B.Ed. from MDU. So youneed to just score high in your qualifying exam. Although preference is given to students who have studied their qualifying exam from a university of Haryana. For general category students it is little difficult to secure a seat, for instance last year alone few thousand students were not able to get admission in B.Ed. even though they had high score in graduation and post graduation. Here the B.Ed. admission consultant helps you to increase the chances of admission. In the past it is also observedthat the students do not fill the form properly, and at the time of allotment come to know of their mistake. In such caes they have to forgo the seat and re register themselves for the left over seats and thus the are left out. So to ensure that you do not face such problems it is suggested that you make take the help of some B.Ed. admission institute in delhi or in gurgaon.


New norms given by NCTE in December 2014 for B.Ed. admission requirements from the session 2015 onwards

Admission in B.EdThe government has formed various councils to maintain the standards in education To regulate the teacher education, there is a national body named NCTE ie to regulate M.Ed.,D.Ed. B.ElEd.,B.Ed. and other teaching courses. The B.Ed. admission requirements are recommended by the NCTE. B.Ed. colleges are required to follow the procedure and minimum eligibility criteria as regulated by NCTE. NCTE has come up with its latest regulation in 2014 for Admission in B.Ed. Government body named NCTE (National council for teachers Education) forms all the rules and norms. NCTE is a statutory body of government of india. The students seeking admission in B.Ed.  should have bachelors degree from a recognized university in India. The student should secure minimum 50 percent marks in aggregate of all the subjects. While calculating the division, the marks of exempted subjects, may not have been considered, will also be added for the purpose of calculating the aggregate for B.Ed. admission.

Let’s assume a candidate has cleared B.A. honours  from University of Delhi. For Grand total and the marks obtained of all three years we do not include the subsidiary papers. Thus Grand total mentioned in the final mark card of third year will not be considered for B.Ed. admission 2015. Total marks will also include the subsidiary papers and if the candidate has scored low in those exams it will affect the percentage obtained. Thus the score will become low. This will affect the B.Ed. admission ranking of the student. If the aggregate is lower than 50 percent than the student will become ineligible for admission in B.Ed. 2015. Even though she may have scored more than 50 percent marks in honours, for example in university of Calcutta there are language subjects and optional subject. the marks of language subject are not added anywhere and for optional subject only the marks obtained above a particular score are added. Also the maximum marks of the optional subject are not added in grand total, due to this there is an undue surge in the final percentage. Now with the new norm in force this will not be valid all three have to be considered for calculating the final score for B.Ed. admission 2015.. If you do not have 50 percent marks in graduation then the score of post graduation can be taken for B.ed. admission 2015.

admission in B.Ed.

admission in B.Ed. is done through a counseling process. Merit list is formed on the basis of marks obtained in graduation. For B.Ed admission 2014-2015 in Maharishi dayanand university, you may contact our counselors. we provide proper guidance for admission and tuition support after you take admission. B.Ed. college lecturer is the owner of the institute. Online support is also available.