Sunday Class notice

It is a video class, so be prepared to keep your cameras switched on throughout the class.
Date of class:  27 June 2021 Sunday
Venue of class: online

Time      : 10:30 AM
Duration of the class: 3 hrs
Agenda of the class
Topic – Inclusive Education (keep your Book along)

Meeting ID will be as follows
Meeting ID: 768 0445 4153
Password: 026629
Note: Your name should be exactly as per the name filled at the time of admission prefixed by your group
For eg : AC4 Anjali Sharma.
It is important to keep this name as it will be easy and time saving for the teacher to allow you to attend the class. Unknown names will strictly be not allowed due to security reasons.(Ministry of home affairs has given some guidelines to use this APP.)
Make sure that you enter the class room 5 minutes prior to the class timings and wait in the waiting room. The class will be locked after 10 minutes..