Practical exam notice

Practical exam schedule has been released by the University.
it is expected that your practical exams will take place within a week or so
Detail information regarding the same will be available by Monday or Tuesday
you will be required to fill a Google form for giving your practical exam.
Only those students will be able to give the exam, who will fill the Google form.
Link for the google form will be active on Monday.
Now on wards visit the website everyday Day in the evening, around 6 p.m.
All the information related with your exams will be updated here. NO individual information or WhatsApp message will be sent to any student
You are advised to strictly follow the instructions given on website.
There will be a class in the coming week on a week day in evening.
Ensure that you do not miss that class, as all the information related to exams will be given in that class and there will be no repetition of this class.