Overview for admission in B.Ed. regular from MDU university for the session 2015-16

B.Ed. regular from MDU university It is advisable to a candidate that she may join B.Ed. in regular mode from MDU. As there are lot of B.Ed. colleges in Delhi NCR region in gurgaon or other cities like Faridabad, jujjhar, mahindergarh etc. Many B.Ed. Colleges have their own means of transport. Student from Delhi prefer to join B.Ed. regular from MDU as, its affiliated B.Ed. Colleges are easily approachable. Regular B.Ed. admission in MDU is easy in comparison tor B.Ed. from Delhi University or getting admission in B.Ed. regular in IP University. In both these Universities (DU and IP) the number of seats are very less, say few thousands. Secondly, there is entrance exam for admission to B.Ed. The forms for IP university are already over.

As engineering and other professional courses, B.Ed can be done in regular mode only. Although,  IGNOU University does have a B.Ed. program, which runs in distance mode. But that is a four semester course which is available for only in service teachers. The eligibility criteria are different from B.Ed. admission in MDU and other Universities offering B.Ed. in Delhi. In IGNOU there is an entrance exam for B.Ed. admission. This B.Ed. entrance exam is conducted at national level. No of seats are very less and are distributed district wise. B.ed. course is run through the school where the candidate is already teaching. Secondly the student should have minimum 2 years of teaching experience in an affiliated school in secondary classes. Student, who has teaching experience in junior classes i.e. from nursery till 5th, is not eligible for B.Ed. admission in IGNOU. Such students should try for B.Ed. admission in MDU or other universities of Haryana. For the session 2014- 2015 B.Ed. was a one year course. NCTE has come up with new norms for 2015. As per the new norms of NCTE, a regular B.Ed. from any UGC approved university will be a 2 year course. Some bodies have put up a case in the high court against these norms. Now the decision is pending. As of now, there is no notification regarding this, from the universities. If these norms come into force then B.Ed. 2 year course will be implemented. Otherwise, the formal system of 1 year B.Ed. admission will take place.

MDU and KUK also run distance course in B.Ed. The norms and eligibility are same as that of IGNOU. The only difference is that for B.Ed. admission in MDU or KUK distance mode the student should be teaching in any school of Haryana. Secondly, MDU does not open the admission for B.Ed. 2 year course in distance mode every year. Also, in the new norms there is no intimation from NCTE in regard to B.Ed. in distance mode.


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