New norms given by NCTE in December 2014 for B.Ed. admission requirements from the session 2015 onwards

Admission in B.EdThe government has formed various councils to maintain the standards in education To regulate the teacher education, there is a national body named NCTE ie to regulate M.Ed.,D.Ed. B.ElEd.,B.Ed. and other teaching courses. The B.Ed. admission requirements are recommended by the NCTE. B.Ed. colleges are required to follow the procedure and minimum eligibility criteria as regulated by NCTE. NCTE has come up with its latest regulation in 2014 for Admission in B.Ed. Government body named NCTE (National council for teachers Education) forms all the rules and norms. NCTE is a statutory body of government of india. The students seeking admission in B.Ed.  should have bachelors degree from a recognized university in India. The student should secure minimum 50 percent marks in aggregate of all the subjects. While calculating the division, the marks of exempted subjects, may not have been considered, will also be added for the purpose of calculating the aggregate for B.Ed. admission.

Let’s assume a candidate has cleared B.A. honours  from University of Delhi. For Grand total and the marks obtained of all three years we do not include the subsidiary papers. Thus Grand total mentioned in the final mark card of third year will not be considered for B.Ed. admission 2015. Total marks will also include the subsidiary papers and if the candidate has scored low in those exams it will affect the percentage obtained. Thus the score will become low. This will affect the B.Ed. admission ranking of the student. If the aggregate is lower than 50 percent than the student will become ineligible for admission in B.Ed. 2015. Even though she may have scored more than 50 percent marks in honours, for example in university of Calcutta there are language subjects and optional subject. the marks of language subject are not added anywhere and for optional subject only the marks obtained above a particular score are added. Also the maximum marks of the optional subject are not added in grand total, due to this there is an undue surge in the final percentage. Now with the new norm in force this will not be valid all three have to be considered for calculating the final score for B.Ed. admission 2015.. If you do not have 50 percent marks in graduation then the score of post graduation can be taken for B.ed. admission 2015.

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