Budget 2015: Impact on Education and teacher education courses like B.Ed.

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studying in a classroom – of B.Ed. college

Education in India has been a big challenge for the government. While the British did leave India with a framework of education, it was mainly set up with a purpose of creating a workforce that map to the requirements of a colonial inhabitation. Over the years, the education policy of the government seems to have borne fruit. India took a huge leap and has become a major international source for the knowledge processing industry and information technology industry.

Growth of education levels at grass root level has not been able to meet its targets. Keeping this in view the 2015 Budget has some moves to accelerate the process of educating India. Let us check out them one by one.


  1. The expenditure on education has been budgeted to around Rs 69,000 crores. There has been a greater positive change in higher education than primary education. There has been a drop in the planned expenditure on mid-day meals at schools, perhaps to keep the expenditure in line with reality.
  2. Skill development has always been the mantra of India’s human resources development ministry. We are still keeping alive some trades like fitting and tool and die technology alive. This should be replaced with latest technology if we are to meet the ‘Make in India’ vision of the Prime Minister.
  3. While India provides a big part of the workforce in information technology, it is itself not on the list of top nations that use IT in education. We have recently taken steps to expand our infoway to places other than the metropolises. The budget has made provisions to introduce internet technology to education using MOOC. It envisages the use of tablets as a learning tool.
  4. Budget provides finance to upgrade and introduce some more key institutes like IITs, IIMs and Institutes catering to specialized technologies and studies aimed at widening the scope of professional services and trade in India.

Improvement in Education can not be achieved without the improvement in the quality of teachers. The budget envisages a huge requirement of teachers. Young Indians who are standing on the brink of leaving school and entering higher education should give a serious look at Bachelor of Education (B. Ed) Degree. B.Ed admission

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