Looking forward to B.Ed. admission 2015 session.

B.Ed from MDUTeaching has always been considered a highly esteemed profession in the country but people have been reluctant to make it their career choice of preference, mostly because of the comparatively lower pay-scales it carries with it. But long gone are these days – read on to know more:

Rising Demand, Better Salaries and Better Job Security as Compared to Any Other Profession

The recent years have witnessed gradually rising salaries for teachers. Not only this, but also teaching has come out to be one of the few professions in today’s world that offers a high level of job security. The recent times have also seen a rapid increase in the demand of skilled teachers, thanks to the number of schools and educational institutes sprouting all over the country with the rise in the importance of education amongst masses.

Opportunity for Employment Immediately Post B.Ed

A compulsory qualification required to become a teacher in the India is the degree of B.Ed. An undergraduate degree, which was recently converted from a year long course to a two-year course, helps train future teachers in the various teaching methods and equips them with all the necessary skill required to become a good and an efficient task masters. There are a number of universities in India that offer B.Ed. you may chose to do your B.Ed from MDU. The course requires one to already have a bachelor’s degree depending on which they get to choose their field of specialization. Candidates with arts background get to take up social science subjects including civics and history while candidates with science background get to take up subjects like physics, chemistry and math.

Scope to Go for M.Ed to Teach is Bigger & Better Institutions

The degree lets you apply for a teaching post in any private or government institution. Though the degree of B.Ed. ensures that one is applicable to teach in any school, most candidates still prefer to further go for pursuing a master’s degree. To join M.Ed., a post graduate degree in any discipline is necessary. Having this degree not only adds to your resume and shows your commitment to becoming a good teacher but also lets you take up teaching jobs in any higher secondary school or take up the post of lecturer in any renowned university.

Now that you know all of this, ready to embark on your teaching career?


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