Impact of Recent Technological Advances in Education and change in teacher training courses leading to B.Ed.

Teacher trainingThere is always a false fear in the minds of people that computers can take up the jobs of people and render them unemployed. History will provide you with the evidence that reality is contrary to this. Technology and computers have proven to help people with their jobs, increase their efficiency but rarely replaced their jobs. It is the same logic that applies to computers and technology in education. A teacher has great responsibility to undertake and a very difficult task to perform and there is no possibility in the near future for a computer to be able to carry out tasks like inspiring a child to learn.

Uses of Information Technology (IT) in Education

Getting Feedback: Tests and examinations are an integral part of education. The purpose of the test is not only to evaluate the performance of a student. Tests also evaluate the performance of a teacher. Test scores will pick out the students that the teacher needs to give extra attention and investigate the reason for the under performance. Computers can make this easy.

Delivering Multimedia Content: Books seem to be the only source of knowledge to the school student. With the arrival of computers students can bid farewell to books as a tablet with internet connection can provide a student not only with text and graphical information, it can also provide video and audio information. This makes way for a rich and stimulating content instead of boring books.

The World at Your Finger Tips: With the internet available on mobile devices the information about the whole world is literally on our finger tips. Now you can browse and search the web with your finger tips on mobility devices. This technology has made life really easy. We still aren’t sure of how many different and interesting uses that can be found out using the mobility device and the internet.

In teacher education program, most of the universities have included ICT as a subject. Although there are no teaching courses online, but lot of material is available on the net.

Teachers need to gear up to handle this technology too. That is the reason why “Computers in Education” is a subject that is covered in B.Ed degree courses. If you are interested in getting a B.Ed from MDU fill in the B.Ed online form as soon as you can.

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