B.Ed Date sheet for Theory Exam of CRSU

CRSU has released schedule for Exams Updation CRSU has released a tentative Theory Date Sheet of B.Ed 1st year  examinations on 5 June. The theory papers will start on 22 June 2017. For details CLICK HERE The students of B.Ed first year are eagerly waiting for Exam schedule. University has…

Protected: content for LN1

Skinner's Pigeon experiment is uploaded as some students asked for the same. The rat's experiment is already given in the book, you can follow any one out of the two experiments. [wpdm_package id='1736']  

Protected: Sunday Class for LN1 in May

Start Visiting the site every alternate Day Date of class: 07 May 2017 Venue of class: Our lady of Fatima junior convent school, new colony more gurgaon. Time      : 09:00 AM Duration of the class : 3 hrs Agenda of the class : how to give practical exam and viva Distribution…

Protected: content for LN1: Topics of Pedagogic Subjects

These are some important topics for your teaching subjects. It is very likely that a question can be framed from these topics. It is suggested that you should thoroughly prepare these topics and should not skip them. Other than these topics, you need to prepare from rest of the syllabus…

Protected: sunday class notice LN1

No class on this Sunday. As announced, the practical exams are expected to take place in the month of may. so, the next class will focus more on practical exams.

B.Ed practical date sheet

CRSU Notice for B.Ed practical date sheet 2017 Students of Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University are curiously searching for B Ed 1st year exam date. More so the students are worried about the practical exams of 1st year B Ed. In the previous year, MDU took the practical Exams of B…

Protected: Sunday class for LN1 in April

Date of class: 23 April 2017 Venue of class: Our lady of Fatima junior convent school, new colony more gurgaon. Time      : 09:00 AM Duration of the class : 4 hrs Agenda of the class : Topic     :  “Models of Teaching” will be taught. Important topics for teaching subjects will…

Protected: Class Notice for LN1

There will be no class on 16 april. The class is expected on 23 april. It will be a long and important class for confirmation of the class: Timings and venue.... visit the website next week  

Protected: sessional work LN1

The instructions and content is provided in the files attached. you should not spend lot of time on sessional work, concentrate more on preparing for theory. you may have to submit the sessional work by 2 april 2017. [wpdm_package id='1473'] [wpdm_package id='1475'] [wpdm_package id='1477'] [wpdm_package id='1479']

Protected: content of class held in Feb for LN1

Important questions were given in the class.  The file contains important questions for first three subjects (compulsory subjects).  For teaching subjects only important topics will be given. these topics will be given in the next class. [wpdm_package id='1461'] notes of pedagogical analysis [wpdm_package id='1285'] [wpdm_package id='1464']