B.Ed Admissions

B.Ed Admissions

 B.Ed 2017 counselling for admission in colleges of Haryana

B.Ed Admission counselling

B.Ed Admission counselling 2017

The Haryana government has started the process of B.Ed admission counselling 2017 for all the colleges of Haryana. There will be a common counselling for approximately 500 colleges affiliated to 10 state government universities. Accordingly, the Education Department Haryana has decided to conduct common counselling.

The state level counselling for admission to B.Ed. 2 year course will be centralized for all the universities. This year  also CRSU Jind will conducted the  counselling.

In fact,  University has released the complete schedule of the process. Candidates can apply for the admission to B.Ed colleges thru this counselling.

B.Ed Admission counselling Last date

The last date for first phase of form filling is 19 Aug 2017. The whole process will last for around a month. In this age of technology, university has made the complete process online. Candidates are not expected to visit the University for any Kind of formality. Everything is online.

However, the students can apply for the admission after first phase as well. The University will take registrations for B.Ed. admission 2017 in Sepetember as well.

As per the NCTE norms and Hon’ble High court guidelines the admissions cannot go beyond October 2107.

The University will allot the colleges to the students on the basis of merit list. The merit list is formed on the basis of marks scored in the graduation. The allotment will take place in the month of September. The classes will begin in second week of September. The university has declared the annual examinations to begin in first week of June 2018.

Presently, the applications for B.Ed. registration are open. Alpha Education provides academic guidance and tuition support for the students who take admission in B.Ed. The institute also provides guidance and support for taking admission in the course.

The Guidance will be provided by a B.Ed. qualified lecturer.


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B Ed admission 2017 in Haryana university

B.Ed admission in CRSU
B.Ed admission in CRSU

B Ed admission  in Haryana university

In Haryana there are hundreds of B.Ed colleges. The university conducts common process for B Ed admission. The university does not take entrance exam for admission. The candidate has to provide total marks scored in her qualifying exam. Accordingly, the merit list is based on marks scored in qualifying exams. On the basis of this rank the student is offered to take admission in particular college. There are more than 4 government universities in Haryana. Presently, CRSU is the only university which gives B Ed admission. Till 2015 MDU, Kurukshetra university  and CDLU had the colleges of B Ed affiliated to them. Then, in 2016 all the colleges of these universities were transferred to Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University.

CRSU B.Ed admission for session 2017

In CRSU the counseling process for B Ed admission is online. Students must register with the university in order to participate in the counseling. University does not allow any college to take direct admission in B.Ed  The B.Ed admission must be allotted through the university. Moreover, University conducts the final exams. The admit card for exams comes from the university. Therefore, it is important that the student is allotted the college through the proper counseling of university.

Online Registration for B.Ed admission for session 2017

Private institutes have started taking registrations for B.Ed admission 2017 in CRSU. These institutes behave as facilitation centers. The students are provided timely information about the last date of B.Ed form submission and qualification for B.Ed  Best institute for B Ed also provide the eligibility criteria for B Ed and other details regarding how to apply for B.Ed .

In my opinion, candidate should select the institute for B.Ed  Student should take the Review of previous students. She should talk to the passed out students. She should find out about the marks scored by these students and how their B.Ed course went thru.

To View the video review of student of alpha education CLICK HERE

B.Ed. admission CRSU 2017 details and process

B.Ed Admission CRSU 2017, Jind CRSU Admission
B.Ed Admission CRSU 2017, Jind CRSU Admission

B.Ed 2017 Admission CRSU, Jind 

For B.Ed admission CRSU university is a state government university of Haryana. First of all, university Specialises in Education Courses. Education department has made it mandatory for all the education collages of Haryana whether taking up Bachelors (B.ed) courses or masters courses (M.Ed. ) to get affiliated to Ch. Ranbir singh university. This university is located in Jind and thus it is popularly called Jind university.

B.Ed Admission CRSU status for 2017

Education department will begin the Central counseling for B.Ed admission CRSU 2017 in a short time now. The whole process of B.ed counseling is online. It is around a month long process. Students should fill the registration form with the university. The students make payment through online mode or through bank challan. Finally, the university declares a merit list. while the university  allots colleges according to the students rank in the merit list. In the next stage the student in given 2 to 3 days to finally decide the college and complete the formalities for the final admission.

Therefore, the Students are allowed to choose any college from all the districts of Haryana. As CRSU is a state university B.ed colleges of CRSU cannot be outside Haryana. Thus, if you wish to take B.ed admission CRSU then your college for b.ed, Exam center & Teaching practical etc. everything will be in Haryana. Students living in Delhi choose B.ed Colleges in gurugram, since they are reachable. Rather, these colleges are most suitable for them. The college are spread all over the district. There are scores of b.ed colleges in gurugram.

Click here for B.Ed Admission CRSU

in conclusion, once you decide to take B.Ed admission CRSU in the 2017-2018 session then you can opt for this university. CRSU is a government university. Most of all there is no entrance test for admission. University declares  the merit list based on marks scored in the qualifying exam. As a result the admission process becomes easier.

Therefore, You must take care to choose an  institute  which has long experience & good credibility, So that throughout the course, you are provided proper support. In conclusion, it is a good choice to take admission in CRSU B.Ed. College.

MDU B.Ed. 1st year result released

B.ed admission
B.Ed Admission

                          B.ed 1st year result.

mdu b ed 1st year result now available. MDU has declared the result of B.Ed. 2 year course. The first year result is available on the university site. You need to enter your complete “Registration No” and “Roll Number” for searching. The Maximum marks for the first year are 700. If the total marks are mentioned and pass is mentioned. Then you have cleared the exam. If Rep is mentioned, then you have failed in any subject and you will have to re appear in that paper. For which you have to fill an examination form. In R.L.A./R.L.E. cases (Result Late due to non-receipt/non-eligibility of awards) the student concerned should contact college.  You may visit the following link to get your result


It is advised that you keep a soft copy of the result. The result may be removed from the site without any notice

Mdu b ed 1st year result Now available Click Here

B.Ed Regular Practical Date Sheet 2016

B.ed Admission Gurgaon
B.Ed Admission

B.Ed Regular Practical Date sheet 2016 now available.

There has been a News making rounds that the practical exams of MDU B.Ed. 2016 are starting on 16th June. Even one hindi daily has carried this news few days ago. But, there is no further information available on this.

The university has released the B.Ed.Regular Practical Date Sheet 2016. the practical exams are starting from 22nd June. As it happens every year, the practical exams are conducted college wise. you may go thru the list to check the dates on which you have to give the practical exams.

B.Ed.Regular Practical Date Sheet (Self Finance Colleges)pdf


B.Ed. admission in CRSU and MDU

Admission in CRSU
B.Ed. Academic Session 2017-18

B.Ed Admission in Haryana

In the First Place the registrajytion for B.Ed. admission in CRSU and MDU has begun. It is expected that the university will initiate the counseling process by 2nd week of July. Last year onwards B.Ed. has become a 2 year course. The registration is open for 2016 – 18 Session. The examinations for B.Ed. are conducted in annual mode. So, the first year exams will take place in June 2017 and the candidate will have to appear for final exams in June 2018. There are no other university exams in between. B.Ed. does not have semester system. In the first year one will have to study 5 subjects.Likewise In second year also there will be 5 subjects.

Our institute for B-Ed Admission

We at alpha education will behave as facilitators for you. We will support you right from registration with the university till the examination. Throughout the session academic support will be provided. Students are prepared for practical exams as well.

Further more Highly Qualified B.Ed. college lecturer will guide the candidate. Every year many college toppers are from alpha education.

B.Ed. from CRSU  and MDU is a regular course. To take admission in B.Ed one has to participate in B.Ed. counselling process of Haryana.  Once you register, we will initiate the B.ED. admissions process on your behalf and will behave as academic guardian through out the process. In Conclusion, You Can Smoothly Complete your B.Ed. From Haryana.

For further details of admission

you may contact on 9899818119

facilty           how to pro

Generally speaking, the examinations for B.Ed. are conducted in annual mode. So, the first year exams will take place in June 2017 and the candidate will have to appear for final exams in June 2018. There are no other university exams in between. B.Ed. does not have semester system. In the first year one will have to study 5 subjects. In second year there will be 4 subjects.

B Ed colleges of Haryana to be affiliated to Ch. Ranbir singh university

B.Ed from CRSU
B.Ed Admission in CRSU

B Ed from crsu

On the lines of recommendations made by the committee, the govt. of Haryana has decided to have a separate university for education courses.  Ch. Ranbir singh university, also known as CRS university or jind university has been accorded the responsibility of running the B Ed  from CRSU and M.Ed. courses in Haryana.  The same procedure was followed few years back, when all the colleges providing MBBS or pharmacy were brought under the ambit of  PT. B.D. Sharma University of Health Sciences, Rohtak.

2016 Onwards all colleges of haryana will get B Ed from CRSU

Similarly for all education courses the affiliating body will be  Ch. Ranbir singh university. Department of higher education Haryana has already given a notification in this regard

The one question that comes to every body’s mind is – how will it affect the student. Truly speaking it does not matter much. The council ie NCTE maintains  the quality and standards as it being a technical course. That means NCTE decides the norms and regulations, syllabi etc. The university plays the role of an administrator. More so it can be in the favour of the students as it will become a specialized university, thus will become more efficient in delivering the quality education. so from session 2015-2016 onwards students will do B Ed from crsu.

Finally, the VC office  of the university has already announced the measures it plans to take in order to improve the quality and standard in B.Ed colleges.

University has not yet given the formal notification to the colleges of Education , B Ed  colleges. Before the commencement of the new session the university will affiliate all the B Ed  colleges. Thus   B ED  Admission 2016 will happen only in   Ch. Ranbir singh university and not thru other state universities of Haryana like MD University or KU.

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B.Ed. a passionate choice or alternate carrier

B.Ed College Gurgaon
B.Ed College Gurgaon

In metropolitan cities like Delhi and Gurgaon, life has become so fast and demanding. Gone are the days when women were able to pass their time with household course. Today, having lot of amenities and ample time at hand females feel dumb sitting ideal at home.  It has become a necessity that both the members are working. With this freedom comes its own limitations, every women will agree that handling the family and the office job is a herculean task. Above that a psychological pressure that kids are being ignored and may not do well in life if left unmonitored.  This leads to a situation that let the female member be into some part time profession. Few of them are able to achieve success in running some small venture of their own, where they can adjust their working times on their own. Many others rule out this option as well since husband being in a transferable job.

Many of them choose teaching as profession. The first thing that runs in mind –teaching is a low paid job with no glamour, not anymore. Today when we look, we find so many up market schools around us. These schools charge high fee from their pupil and thus pay handsome amount to their teachers. Remember one thing over here; do not think that they will pay handsome salary to every person who approaches them for job.

It is your passion or knack for teaching that will fetch you a job with decent salary. Obviously the professional qualification ie being B.Ed. is a must to apply for any teaching job. Even if it is your alternate choice, you should present yourself as such – it is not because you are fed up with your office job, but you intended to be a teacher. You should not highlight your professional achievements. Rather, if you have some training experience, you should highlight that.

If, you have done your B.Ed. recently, then you may tell your employer that you had planned your carrier as such only. And it was your conscious decision that you will take up teaching in the later stage. Thus you decided to take admission in B.Ed. and only then plan to join teaching.


For any information related to B.Ed. admission 2016 in MDU rohtak you may call 9818223361 or mail your query at alpha_education@hotmail.com

Effect of parent’s profession on study habits of child

B.Ed Admission
B.ed Admissnion Gurgaon

There have been many studies conducted on parent child relationship. Various kinds of correlations have been established to this relationship. The most important aspect that has been talked of is the emotional quotient of the child. Also, it has been seen that this relation has a direct effect on the academic performance of the child. As a layman we all understand that if the environment around us is peaceful then our performance increases. And, it is not to be mentioned that the home environment is based on our relationships.

Another surprising fact was established thru such studies. It is seen that the profession of the parents has a high correlation with the academic performance of the child. It is also seen that the overall growth and success attained by the kids is also affected by the profession of the parents.

Specially, the mother’s profession has a very important role to play. If the mother is in a technical job or managerial position, it is seen that the growth of the kid is positive provided she is able to provide ample time to the kid. Not to mention –quality time. It is also seen that if the mother is in teaching profession than the child is able to do good in life. I have many examples where a mother is a primary teacher and the kid is a highly placed doctor or engineer sitting somewhere in Canada or Australia.

This does not mean that only the kids of teachers can perform better in life. The point is, that these kids are better placed. Said or unsaid the office environment of the parents is shared with the child, which influences their development (intellectual, social and emotional). Secondly, it is the requirement of the teaching profession to understand the psychology of the child. And by virtue of their profession, teachers are able to understand the child better. There are few examples of mothers taking admission in B.Ed. just to learn how to handle their kids. They want to be better mothers and up bring their children to the best. These days parents attend workshops on parenting as well.