B.Ed from MD University Rohtak, Entrance test B.Ed. 2013

In the previous article we discussed about counseling process of B.Ed. colleges in M D University Rohtak. We are receiving many queries from candidates asking about the entrance test for B.Ed from Rohtak university. As it happens in all universities whether it is Delhi University or Indraprastha University   admission in B.Ed. is on the basis of entrance exam. Even in Utter Pradesh they have already conducted the entrance exam for B.Ed. 2013 session. The counseling for the same is going on.

In Haryana there is NO entrance exam for B.Ed admission. M D university, Kurukshetra University and CDLU ie Ch. Devi Lal university are the three universities in Haryana from where one can pursue B.Ed. (detailed process of B.Ed. admission has been posted earlier). None of these universities conduct any Entrance test. But then the admission in B.Ed is not left in the hands of the affiliated colleges, nor is the process done on come early and get admission basis.

In Haryana also B.Ed. admission is done through merit list. The candidate who wants to pursue B.Ed. has to fill an online registration form. Academic details of the candidate are processed from that registration form and a merit list is formed.

Thus for B.Ed. admission in M D university or Ch. Devi Lal university, the academic record of the candidate matters the most. Maximum weightage is given to Marks in graduation or Post graduation. The higher is the percentage of marks, higher are the chances of getting the admission in B.Ed.

This process of making the merit list using academic record simplifies the things. Time and effort consumed in conducting the entrance exam is saved. Students from all over india come to M d university to take admission in B.Ed. so they do not have to come to give entrance exam. Conducting and checking the entrance exam is time consuming, so it is a win win situation for all the persons concerned that merit list is prepared on the academic performance of the candidate who wnts to take admission in B.Ed in M D university, Kurukshetra University or CDLU ie Ch. Devi Lal university.

There is one aspect which we cannot ignore but then it is not being taken care of.

Appearing students i.e those students who wish to pursue B.Ed immediately after their Bachelors degree, are unable to do so. The online registration form clearly asks for marks in the qualifying exam. If the candidate is yet to receive the result of the same then a student cannot fill the form. As mentioned many times before – If, a candidate does not fill the online registration form than he/she cannot participate in the counseling process for B.Ed admission, thereby making her unable to take the admission.

Such student who wish to take admission in B.Ed in M D university, Kurukshetra University or CDLU ie Ch. Devi Lal university should always seek the guidance of some experienced person in order to save their academic year.

In our next article we will write about scope of B.Ed Bachelors of education

In this column we will keep on updating the details related to B.Ed. from MD university, rohtak and kurukshetra university or CDLU ie Ch. Devi Lal university from time to time. Also if you want any information regarding the same you are free to call 999 0 522 500 and also you may send a mail @ alpha_education@hotmail.com

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