B.Ed from MD University Rohtak, counseling process 2013

In the previous article we discussed about B.Ed. colleges in M D University. Here we will talk about the admission process followed. It is a known fact that in Haryana there are three state run universities which offer B.Ed. i.e Bachelor of Education. M D university rohtak  has around 300 B.Ed. colleges affiliated to it. Even Kurukshetra university has around 200 B.Ed. colleges. But the third university ie CH. DEVI LAL UNIVERSITY, SIRSA has only university dept. it does not have affiliated colleges.


Every year the B.Ed. counseling is conducted by any one of these universities. The other two universities also participate in the same B.Ed. counseling process.

For example if M D university is conducting the B.Ed. counselling process, then the other two universities i.e KU and Ch. Devi lal university will not conduct any B.Ed. counseling for their B.Ed. admissions. They will use the same counseling process.


The major participants of B.Ed. counselling process are M D university (also called Rohtak University) and Kurukshetra University. Every alternate year one of these universities gets the chance to conduct the B.Ed counseling process. In 2011 the counseling was conducted by M d university. last year B.Ed. admissions for 2012 -13 session the counseling body was Kurukshetra university. As per rotation this year ie for B.Ed. admission 2013 the counseling body should be M D university.


That means if the student intends to take admission in any of these three universities then she has to participate in the common counseling process which will be conducted by any one of these universities.

In the past it is seen that if a student intends to take admission in M D university, he/she keeps on searching the forms for Rohtak university (students call it by that name) and is unable to get the forms. But the fact is that may be the B.Ed counseling process for the particular year would be conducted by kurukshetra university.


By the time the student is able to understand the counseling system for B.Ed. it is too late to take admission.


Here I would like to inform the students that do not get confused between the counseling process body and the university you are taking admission in.


You need to do B.Ed. registration online in order to take admission in B.ed. course.

Getting the formal admission in college comes at later stage. If you are not registered with the counseling body then you cannot participate in the B.Ed admission process.


In the next article we will write about Entrance test for B.Ed. 2013


In this column we will keep on updating the details related to B.Ed. from MD university, rohtak and kurukshetra university from time to time. Also if you want any information regarding the same you are free to call 999 0 522 500 and also you may send a mail @ alpha_education@hotmail.com.


The author is a B.Ed college lecturer in college affiliated to MD university. 

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