B.Ed colleges in delhi

To take admission in any Teachers training course, the first thing that comes to our mind is to look for the B.Ed. colleges around. But if we take a closer look, we will realise that Delhi university has only 2-3 colleges that offer B.Ed. and in the dept. of education that offers B.Ed. admission to less than 100 students. Than one turns towards IP university there also we have only 2000 seats in around 20 B.Ed. colleges for which one has to clear a tough entrance exam.

But then one finds lot many students taking B.Ed. admission through institutes (study centers). These institutes get them admission in universities of other states like jammu or Haryana. These universities like M D university also called rohtak university or Ch. Devi lal university sirsa have their B.Ed. colleges all over haryana.

Generally a student who wants to take admission in B.Ed. has to do it from haryana. These universities do not have any B.Ed. college affiliated in delhi. The study centers who offer B.Ed. admission from these universities, only provide support to get admission in B.Ed. in any of the colleges in M D university or Ch. Devi lal university ,sirsa. The B.Ed. colleges are located in all cities of haryana one can choose the nearest city

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