Month: April 2016

B Ed colleges of Haryana to be affiliated to Ch. Ranbir singh university

B.Ed from CRSU
B.Ed Admission in CRSU

B Ed from crsu

On the lines of recommendations made by the committee, the govt. of Haryana has decided to have a separate university for education courses.  Ch. Ranbir singh university, also known as CRS university or jind university has been accorded the responsibility of running the B Ed  from CRSU and M.Ed. courses in Haryana.  The same procedure was followed few years back, when all the colleges providing MBBS or pharmacy were brought under the ambit of  PT. B.D. Sharma University of Health Sciences, Rohtak.

2016 Onwards all colleges of haryana will get B Ed from CRSU

Similarly for all education courses the affiliating body will be  Ch. Ranbir singh university. Department of higher education Haryana has already given a notification in this regard

The one question that comes to every body’s mind is – how will it affect the student. Truly speaking it does not matter much. The council ie NCTE maintains  the quality and standards as it being a technical course. That means NCTE decides the norms and regulations, syllabi etc. The university plays the role of an administrator. More so it can be in the favour of the students as it will become a specialized university, thus will become more efficient in delivering the quality education. so from session 2015-2016 onwards students will do B Ed from crsu.

Finally, the VC office  of the university has already announced the measures it plans to take in order to improve the quality and standard in B.Ed colleges.

University has not yet given the formal notification to the colleges of Education , B Ed  colleges. Before the commencement of the new session the university will affiliate all the B Ed  colleges. Thus   B ED  Admission 2016 will happen only in   Ch. Ranbir singh university and not thru other state universities of Haryana like MD University or KU.

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B.Ed. a passionate choice or alternate carrier

B.Ed College Gurgaon
B.Ed College Gurgaon

In metropolitan cities like Delhi and Gurgaon, life has become so fast and demanding. Gone are the days when women were able to pass their time with household course. Today, having lot of amenities and ample time at hand females feel dumb sitting ideal at home.  It has become a necessity that both the members are working. With this freedom comes its own limitations, every women will agree that handling the family and the office job is a herculean task. Above that a psychological pressure that kids are being ignored and may not do well in life if left unmonitored.  This leads to a situation that let the female member be into some part time profession. Few of them are able to achieve success in running some small venture of their own, where they can adjust their working times on their own. Many others rule out this option as well since husband being in a transferable job.

Many of them choose teaching as profession. The first thing that runs in mind –teaching is a low paid job with no glamour, not anymore. Today when we look, we find so many up market schools around us. These schools charge high fee from their pupil and thus pay handsome amount to their teachers. Remember one thing over here; do not think that they will pay handsome salary to every person who approaches them for job.

It is your passion or knack for teaching that will fetch you a job with decent salary. Obviously the professional qualification ie being B.Ed. is a must to apply for any teaching job. Even if it is your alternate choice, you should present yourself as such – it is not because you are fed up with your office job, but you intended to be a teacher. You should not highlight your professional achievements. Rather, if you have some training experience, you should highlight that.

If, you have done your B.Ed. recently, then you may tell your employer that you had planned your carrier as such only. And it was your conscious decision that you will take up teaching in the later stage. Thus you decided to take admission in B.Ed. and only then plan to join teaching.


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